Test prtljažnega prostora

As we’ve previously discovered with the Lexus LC and Porsche 911, you shouldn’t discount a sports car’s road-tripping potential because you think it can’t carry all your stuff. Of course, the main reason they’re able to carry surprisingly so much is the presence of otherwise vestigial back seats that are crap for carrying humans but pretty darn useful for our baggage.

Of course, the two-seat Porsche 718 Cayman (and its Boxster sibling) don’t have that particular benefit. Instead, the mid-engined 718 twins have both a trunk and a frunk in which to deposit junk. The result, on paper, is a grand total of 14.7 cubic feet of space, which is comparable to the trunk of a midsize family sedan. It’s also a completely useless number since it’s the sum of two different volumes: the 5.2-cubic-foot frunk and the 9.5-cubic-foot trunk, which itself is a deceiving number for reasons you’re about to see.

Revija 10-11/2021

  • INTERVJU: Jure Tomše
  • PROJEKT: Beneteau First 36
  • TEST: Bavaria C 42, Absolute 48 Coupe, Sirena 68, Ranieri Cayman 28.0
  • NAVTIČNA RAZSTAVA: Salone nautico Genoa, Monaco yacht show
  • PREDSTAVLJAMO: Obletnica Val navtika, S kajakom na 1.400 km dolgo pot,
  • REPORTAŽA: Kam? Na Biokovo!, Carriacou
  • AVTOMOBILIZEM: Hyundai Ioniq 5
  • ŽENSKA RUBRIKA: Sijoča v zimo
  • ŠPORT: Sail GP, Barkolana 53, Rolex Middle Sea Race, Testni dogodek SSL